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Designed for EMR, EMT, AEMT, and paramedics. Code3 CME's training courses are all accredited by CAPCE and accepted by the NREMT and most states. The convenient online format makes it easy for you to study when and where it fits your life.

Code3 CME Faculty

Judson Smith: Founder 

Judson brings  20 years of EMS and critical care prehospital experience to Code3 CME. A licensed critical care paramedic, he also currently serves as an officer in an Air Force Reserves aeromedical evacuation squadron. In 2014 Judson founded Code3 CME to provide EMT, paramedic, and critical care transport training with a level of educational support he felt was lacking in the industry. Judson has also been a guest speaker at EMS events throughout the country. He holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Lindenwood University. He is married, has two dogs, and currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

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Christopher J. Bosche, MD, FACEP: Executive Medical Director

Dr. Bosche is a board-certified emergency physician at a level 1 trauma and burn center in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Boshe has been involved in emergency medical services for over 20 years, starting out as a firefighter/EMT and eventually becoming a flight physician with an aeromedical helicopter service. He is currently the medical director of a large suburban fire protection district and regularly assists with the EMS education provided by his hospital to local EMS crews. In addition, Dr. Bosche is also the medical team manager for the Missouri Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue Team and has deployed to multiple disasters including the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and the Joplin, Missouri tornado.


Dr. Sharon Malone, MD, FACEP: Assistant Medical Director

Dr. Malone is a board-certified emergency physician, and is the medical director for several urban and rural EMS departments throughout the state of Texas that operate as EMS and/or fire/rescue services. She is also the medical director for two accredited college EMS Education programs in North Texas. She began EMS medical direction in 2006. Dr. Malone is an active member of the Texas Governor's EMS and Trauma Systems Advisory Council, Medical Director's Committee. This committee guides the Advisory Council and the Texas Department of State Health Services in the development of state policy, rule, and law regarding EMS medical direction. A licensed paramedic as well as an NAEMT-TCCC provider and instructor supporting EMS and specialty teams, Dr. Malone advocates community health paramedicine through curriculum design, course delivery, and medical direction oversight of community paramedic programs. She is the medical director for Emergency Medical Task Force­2 of Texas, and regularly deploys on regional and state missions.

Ann Farina: EMS Educator

Ann was born and raised in rural Alaska in a firefighting family and worked in a variety of EMS positions since first joining EMS In 2003. She attended The University of Alaska Fairbanks where she obtained her paramedic certification in 2006 and her A.A.S. in paramedicine in 2016. While in Alaska, she worked as a rural transport EMT, a wildland fire medic, an oilfield medic, and a volunteer firefighter. In 2008 Ann moved to Washington where she continued to work as a paramedic. In 2014 Ann founded The Code Green Campaign, which takes up most her time. In addition to running Code Green, Ann also serves on the EMS1 Editorial Advisory Board.

Anne Perry: EMS Educator

Anne began her EMS career in 1992 as an EMT-Basic. The next logical step for her was teaching, which she began in 1994 as a CPR and lab instructor. She then became a paramedic in 1998 and a nurse in 2005. Anne has worked in both career/commercial EMS as well as volunteer agencies, and most of her time today is spent educating medical professionals, from basic EMTs to phlebotomy and EKG technician certifications. Anne is a lifelong student, and she is presently pursuing her bachelor’s of nursing while completing multiple EMS teaching certifications.

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Brian Boucher: EMS Educator

Brian has worked in EMS since he was 18. He became a paramedic in 2010, and he worked for a 911 service in southern New England before moving to Central Valley, California, in 2011. He is currently a full-time ground paramedic and part-time flight paramedic for his system where he also serves as the education/CQI coordinator and tactical paramedic.

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Brooke Entsminger: EMS Instructor

Brooke is an EMS manager/paramedic for Southern Trinity Area Rescue (STAR), a nonprofit ambulance in Northern California, and has spent 3 years as an EMT and 10 years as a paramedic responding on 911 ambulances in both rural and urban settings. Along with working on a 911 response unit, Brooke assists in the local paramedic training program and acts as the program director for the STAR EMT basic class. In addition to her EMS credentials, Brooke has a degree in anthropology from San Francisco State University.

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David Rice: EMS Educator

David has been an EMS provider since 1988, starting his career as an EMT volunteer in North Carolina. He worked his way through intermediate and paramedic with Ft. Bragg EMS, where he spent 13 years as a provider and educator. In 2003, David transferred to Pennsylvania working as a paramedic for the Department of Justice and local EMS agencies. In 2008, he accepted a position with Kent County EMS, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where he is currently the chief of EMS. David has a strong interest in EMS education through distance learning as well as fitness coaching to improve EMS providers' physical well-being. David has an associate degree in EMS from Fayetteville Technical Community College and a bachelor's degree in allied health from Widener University.

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David Twigg: EMS Educator

David has been in the fire/EMS service for over 35 years as a volunteer and career provider. He joined the Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Department in 1978. He became a Maryland BLS provider in 1980 and obtained his Maryland ALS Provider in 1988. He retired as EMS captain of the Annapolis Fire Department in 2010. He currently works as a paramedic for Kent County Maryland. He has been an active EMS and fire instructor since 2001. On his time off he enjoys playing and competing with his bagpipes with the ultimate goal of competing as a piper in Scotland.

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Derek Kaucher: EMS Educator

Derek began his career as a firefighter with Rural/Metro, and he is now a firefighter and critical care paramedic in east Tennessee. He has a bachelor’s degree in fire science and a master’s in organization leadership for the fire service in progress in addition to numerous certifications in fire and EMS. He is a fire officer and fire instructor, NAEMSE instructor, Tennessee paramedic instructor coordinator, and American Heart Association training center faculty for BLS, ACLS, and PALS.

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Douglas Richardson: EMS Educator

Douglas began his career in public safety as a paid-on-call firefighter with the Havana City Fire Department in Illinois. He attended EMT-Basic training in 1992 at Spoon River College where he is now an adjunct professor of prehospital medicine. He has had his paramedic license since 1994 and has been a lead instructor since 1999. During his career with the fire service, Douglas was an instructor with the Illinois Fire Service Institute specializing in rescue disciplines. He retired as a captain after serving for 20 years. While with the fire department, Douglas also worked full-time for Mason County EMS, an ALS ambulance service in downstate Illinois, as the EMS educator. Douglas received his bachelor’s degree in public safety management from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and is working on his master’s in public safety administration through Lewis University.

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Everett Moss: EMS Educator

Everett began his career with the City of Atlanta Fire Rescue in Atlanta, Georgia, and now has 13 years of combined emergency services, tactical, adult/pediatric critical care, and EMS educational experience. He is currently working as a certified flight paramedic and a certified emergency nurse while completing his bachelor’s in nursing. Everett also holds several instructor certifications with the American Heart Association, the National Association of EMTs, and the state of Georgia.

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Jake Herrick: EMS Educator

Jake has been a paramedic for nearly 6 years and lives in Abilene, Texas, where he currently works as a field supervisor at MetroCare, the 911 ambulance provider for the city. Certified as a CCT paramedic, Jake has worked in a variety of services including urban/transfer, 911, rural, and frontier. In his current position at MetroCare, Jake assists with staff education, which has included developing staff training modules and helping with new student orientation. When not working, Jake spends his time with his wife, daughter, and 4 dogs. He enjoys dog training and is an avid Brazilian jiujitsu competitor.

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Jason Haag:  EMS Educator

Jason has over 13 years of EMS experience. He joined Finger Lakes Ambulance as a dispatcher and has risen through the ranks to become captain. He has served as the head of the education department since 2014, offering AHA classes to area EMS agencies, 4 regional hospitals, and all other allied healthcare professionals. He has also hosted a number of annual Education Day events as well as a 2-day PHTLS class in cooperation with Strong Memorial Hospital where he is also an educator for the trauma center and medical school. Jason has also served as a fourth generation volunteer firefighter for the City of Geneva. Jason graduated from Monroe Community College in 2006 in fire science and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education.

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Jason Nicholls:  EMS Educator

Jason has been involved in EMS since 2004, when he became an EMT. He began his career with a local ground EMS service in a busy 911 system. He then became a nationally registered paramedic working with a local ground EMS. In 2008 he started a civilian paramedic program with a local fire department before moving in 2012 to pursue a career as a flight paramedic. He is currently a certified flight paramedic.

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Jennifer Fetterley: EMS Educator

Jenn has been in emergency services for nearly 20 years, starting as a volunteer firefighter when she was 16. Now, as a paramedic for over 12 years and an EMS educator for over 15, Jenn works as a field supervisor and paramedic on the Oregon coast. She recently moved back to Oregon after working in Yosemite National Park for 5 years as the EMS operations supervisor. In this position she participated in search and rescue missions, helicopter operations, incident management, managing the park-wide EMS operation, and providing care as a field medic. Jenn holds a bachelor’s in Emergency and Disaster Management and is working on a master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Healthcare Management. While not busy working and teaching, Jenn loves spending time exploring the outdoors with her dogs.

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Julie Chase: EMS Educator

Julie has worked in a variety of public and private venues as a fire fighter, paramedic, educator, and administrator. She has taught EMT and EMS-related subjects in several countries, has assisted with remote clinics and emergency services overseas, and is a NDMS Response Team member. For the past several years, Julie has worked for a federal agency as an operational and tactical medicine instructor and has served as a curriculum developer, contributing author, and reviewer for publication and accreditation organizations. Julie holds an associate in applied arts and sciences in fire science from Walla Walla Community College, a bachelor of science in paramedicine from Central Washington University, and a master of science in postsecondary and adult education from Capella University.

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Mary Kaylor: EMS Educator

Mary began her career in EMS over 35 years ago, first as an EMT and then as a paramedic in Southern California. For the next 15 years, she responded to 911 calls. Mary left the field to become the assistant EMS director for Riverside County. After relocating to North Carolina, she again worked as a paramedic for over 3 years, and is currently a full-time instructor in a 2-year A.A.S. EMS program at a community college. Mary holds an associate degree in EMS, a bachelor’s degree in business, and a master’s degree in education.

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Mike Minter: EMS Educator

Mike has been involved in fire/rescue/EMS since 1977, when he began taking fire/EMS classes as a junior firefighter in the City of Virginia Beach, VA, graduating from his first EMT class in 1979. In 1982 he joined the United States Air Force and continued to work as a firefighter/EMT. He completed extensive training in aircraft/building rescue, multiple fire vehicle operators courses, and fire protection supervision. He served as station captain, assistant chief of operations, and later as assistant chief of training. From January 1992 until March 1993, he worked in Saudi Arabia for a private contractor, as a firefighter/crew chief/instructor. While working as an ER technician for a rural hospital, he graduated from paramedic class in 1996 and served there as a field paramedic for several years. A few years ago, Mike had the opportunity to serve as an EMS education program director and completed several EMT and paramedic classes. He has a bachelor’s degree in education technology and a master’s degree in adult education and training. He currently works as a field paramedic and part-time EMS educator for a large, rural hospital.

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Mike Spaulding: EMS Educator

Mike began his public service career in 1995 when he joined his local volunteer fire department. He began his EMT training in 1996 and completed his paramedic training shortly thereafter. Now a licensed Indiana paramedic, he also holds paramedic licensure in Kentucky and Illinois and holds several AHA instructor certifications as well as a PHTLS instructor certification. Mike is a full-time flight paramedic, part-time ground paramedic, and is still active with the fire department.

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Paul Giannini: EMS Instructor

Paul started his public safety career in Connecticut in 1983 as a volunteer EMT in his hometown of Trumbull and joined the fire department a year later. A certified paramedic and firefighter since 1986, he has been involved in all aspects of fire and EMS. Paul left career fire service in 1995 to become a training/QA manager for a large, national ambulance company and has worked for public and private 911 ambulance companies and a hospital-based critical care program since that time. Paul holds several instructor certifications and maintains NRP, CCEMTP, and FP-C critical care credentials. In addition, he is the current director of clinical services for ZOLL Cardiac Diagnostics, a medical device company near Pittsburgh, PA. He continues to volunteer as a firefighter and work part time as a paramedic where he lives in Monroeville, PA.

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Philippe Botting: EMS Educator

Phil began his career in the US Army, both active duty and reserve, serving in Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and the efforts surrounding Hurricane Andrew in addition to other deployments around the world. Now Phil is a firefighter paramedic for the City of Fort Myers, where he has been since 2008, and he currently serves as the field training coordinator for his department. Phil is also the lead paramedic instructor with Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety in south Florida. In Phil’s off time he spends time with his beautiful wife and 3 labs. His goal is to retire in a few years and move to Vermont!

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Rae Oliveira: EMS Educator

Rae is a paramedic with over 30 years of emergency medical services experience. She retired as an EMS battalion chief in 2009 from the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue (HCDFRS), Maryland, after 23 years of service. As part of her experiences in the HCDFRS, she obtained her Maryland EMS instructor credential in 1996 and oversaw the EMS section of the training division. She has been teaching EMS and AHA courses ever since, and in 2015 became a nationally certified EMS educator through NAEMSE. After her retirement in 2009, she was hired at the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services (MIEMSS) and is currently the director of the office of licensure and certification for Maryland EMS. Additionally, she is a critical care transport nurse, licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia

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Rick Campos: EMS Educator

Rick has been in the fire and emergency services since 1999. He began his career in the United States Air Force as a fire crash rescue crew member serving time in both Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. He became an EMT in 2001. After an honorable discharge, he was hired as a firefighter for San Joaquin Federal Fire Department, where he remained for the next 12 years. During that time he became a paramedic and a paramedic instructor, and he received his associate degree. In 2015 Rick left that position to become a company officer for a larger fire department. Rick has a passion for education and looks forward to assisting in the growth of EMS.

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Russell Lester: EMS Educator

Russell has 14 years of experience in providing emergency care. He began his career providing first aid and assistance to hikers in the woods of the White Mountains of New Hampshire; he also provided care while stationed at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole research station in Antarctica. He worked in a rural emergency department and provided 911 response to some of the most medically underserved populations in rural Appalachia. More recently he has practiced in a Level 1 Pediatric Emergency Department and currently works as a flight paramedic. He has a degree in allied health leadership from East Tennessee State University, and is a licensed critical care paramedic. Russell understands that adult learners come from all walks of life and is passionate about assisting providers in realizing their fullest potential..

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Travis Hunter: EMS Educator

Travis got his first taste of the medical field when he was 14 as a member of a medical team for the Special Olympics with his Boy Scout Troop. Only two years later, he started teaching in EMS as a volunteer CPR instructor for the American Red Cross at the age of 16, mostly teaching classes for military personnel at McChord Air Force Base (now JBLM). He began his career as a volunteer firefighter in 2000 for the Pacific Fire Department and obtained his EMT-Basic in 2002 in Seattle, WA. He later moved to California where he was a volunteer firefighter for the River Delta Fire District until 2005. The same year he taught as an EMT lab instructor for Cosumnes River College. Travis obtained his associate’s degree in business management and his bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration from Columbia Southern University and plans to return for his master’s degree in emergency management. He enjoys baseball and football and is an avid Seattle Seahawks fan. He currently lives in the Sacramento, CA area with his wife and 2 children.

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Wayne Papalski: EMS Educator

Wayne has over 13 years as a navy hospital corpsman, SAR medic, and flight paramedic with multiple combat tours to the Middle East. A licensed critical care flight and tactical paramedic, he is still currently an active duty chief petty officer, serving as the lead flight paramedic for Whidbey Island Search and Rescue in Oak Harbor, Washington. When not flying, he spends his free time with his girlfriend, three daughters, and two dogs.

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Will Hendon: EMS Educator

After a 10-year career with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Will decided to go back to college to become a paramedic. He attended Texas State Technical College in Abilene, Texas, where he earned his degree as well as the college’s Presidential Award. Will currently works in Abilene as an EMT and field paramedic where he easily stepped into the role of operations supervisor due to his leadership experience with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and his passion for people. His organization employs 77 EMTs and paramedics and has six 911 trucks on the street each day. Will has been married for nearly 2 decades, and when he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and playing softball.

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